School History


School History

Minnesota Preparation  Academy TRIP School is a multicultural National Preparatory High School created to address the opportunity gaps by not only developing innovative programs for young men & women of color in underserved communities in Minnesota and across the country but also to bring together hands on, grass roots programs based in education, athletics, trades and the arts.

These interventions focus on building core life and leadership skills through the use of education, athletics, trades and the arts.

All children have the talent and ability to be successful. Young men & women of color have a unique set of life experiences that is not being tapped. Setting higher expectations for our young men & women of color is critical to building stronger viable inner city communities. Creating an environment of mutual respect and understanding amongst all students, families, faculty and staff.

Unlike traditional high schools we’ve married the concepts of arts, athletics, education & mentorship. Through these components the conception of our accountability program was made. The last 12 years have been dedicated to sharping these concepts through a pilot program called ”Future Academic Ballers”.  ( FAB started in 2010 with 11 participants and has now risen to over 200 participants. The first 24 students have now graduated from high school and all are currently enrolled in college. Since Future Academic Ballers conception in 2010 we have evolved the concept pilot program into a full-blown national preparatory academy recognized as Minnesota Preparation Academy TRIP School. Going into our 6th year of existence, we have witnessed a number of challenges along the way. We are grateful for empowering collaborations that promote growth in not only our school but in the students and faculty we serve.

MPA Accomplishments

MPA Students going to school

Division 1 signees
DJ Jefferson Tennessee
Brenden Moss Kent State
Arop Arop Columbia
Lu’Cye Patterson UNC Charlotte NC
Phillip Jr (PJ) Edwards UCF FL
Malik Lamin Grambling University LA
Miles Mendez Troy University AL
Antonio Chol Rutgers University NJ
James Flippin IUPUI

Myles Stute Vanderbilt
Kerwin Walton North Carolina
Emmette Page Evansville
Omar Brown Nebraska (Football)

Community College signees
Tavion Banks Northwest FLCC
Gob Gob South Plains TX CC
Awer Awer South Plains TX CC
Aaron Moore McLennan cc TX
Louis Pendleton Northeastern Colorado
Jamar Gardner Mesabi Range CC MN
Steven Doar Howard cc DC
Odier Olange Iowa Western
Deng Deng Oklahoma CC
Porch Dubol Odessa cc TX
Akoy Mangol State Fair cc
Nasir Holland Oklahoma CC
Rayshawn Douglass Fon De Loc CC
Moe Quailyn Nelson Rainey River
Maalik Harut Iowa Central
Tyrik Holtz Trinity CC
Juwan Grant Mount San CC. CA
Dewayne Rodgers Phoenix CC
Quadre Watts CC Christian DT MI
Adreone Sprinkles McLennan CC TX

Division 2 College / NAIA
Amahn Decker Morehouse ATL GA
Rudwan Tahir Clark U ATL GA
DJ Miller D2 college
Kortland Johnsen Cameron College

Minneapolis Future Academy Ballers
Myles Stute Vanderbilt D-1
Kerwin Walton North Carolina D-1
Emmette Page Evansville D-1
Omar Brown Nebraska D-1
Kersean Greer SMU D-2
Dorrell Bratton SMU D-2
Littles Prince DMACC D-2
Jamaris Johnson Iowa D-2
Adam Cook Concordia D-2
Cornell Richardson Iowa Central Junior College

Big National wins over the last 3 years

West Oaks


Vertical academy

Phoenix Prep

Central Pointe


Hamilton Heights

John Marshall VA

Players that have made events like the Iverson Classic or other exposure events

Iverson classic 2022
D J Jefferson
Tavion Banks
The Grind Session All-Star Game
Lu’Cye Patterson ‘19
Lu’Cye Patterson ‘20
Amhan Decker ‘20
DJ Jefferson ‘21
Brenden Moss ‘22
Tavion Banks ‘22
The Grind Session’s Offensive Player of the Year
Lu’Cye Patterson 20’
The Grind Session’s Runner up for MVP
Lu’Cye Patterson 20’

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